“W arrived into the world at 1.59 pm yesterday. She is just perfect.
Our labour started off Monday at 3 am and the early part was long and very painful, I started to doubt I could do it. As soon as we became established early hours of Wednesday I got all control back. I used gas and air with a water birth and I can honestly say it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. For the pushing part I didn’t use any pain relief at all. I used my breathing techniques and allowed her to come out slowly and gently. I didnt tear and I’m actually not too uncomfortable.
Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I don’t think it would have been as amazing without the Hypnobirthing.
Lots of love, 
L, J, and W xx”


“Jess, I wanted to thank you for all the help and support you’ve given me, both during the course and since then. I ended up having the home birth I had hoped for and didn’t end up using any pain relief, which I’m so pleased about. 

The hypnobirthing visualisations really helped me focus my mind when the surges got intense. I alternated between leaning on my birthing ball, being on all fours on the bed with a pillow in between my arms to bury my head in, and leaning on the side of the bed. It came to a point where I asked Peter to read me the up breathing visualisations because I was struggling to concentrate. He also rubbed by back during the surges and I found that really comforting. I ended up in the bath for the down stage. 

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with the details so I’ll stop there! 

L x”

“I can highly recommend using Jess’s services. We completed the hypnobirthing programme with her over 2 sessions and also used her doula services during labour. The advice and support she gave was invaluable. I had the most amazing labour and 3 weeks later still feel incredible. If you are considering hypnobirthing lessons with Jess or using her doula services, just go for it!” LL

“I had a day with Jess when I was about 33 weeks pregnant after quite a traumatic birth with my son that ended with an emergency c section. The day was absolutely brilliant and it helped me understand birth and took away the fear and I learnt lots of breathing techniques and felt so confident afterwards. My daughter’s birth was amazing, and 7 weeks on I am still gleaming at how amazing it felt. My daughters labour was 3 hours and no pain relief, I breathed through the whole thing and trusted my body. I will never forget it, and cannot thank Jess enough for enabling me to have this life changing experience.” KB

“I could not possibly thank or praise Jess enough for the help, support and peace that she gave me. Whereas I had been dreading being overdue and the potential complications around labour and birth, I left our session feeling genuinely happy to still be pregnant with a sensation that if I trusted myself and my body, and focussed on understanding the process of birth and relaxation, everything would work out one way or another. It turned out that it was a fast, completely uncomplicated birth – all 3 paramedics and the midwife who attended (when I couldn’t get to hospital in time as everything was progressing so quickly) were so complimentary about the peace and calm of the experience.  I genuinely could not be happier about how it felt and happened. And I simply would not have been able to have the most amazing birth without Jess’ support.” MK

‘Just wanted to thank you!   Indigo was born at 06:58 today weighing 7lbs 2.
It was an accidental home birth attended by Jonathan (oh), Grandma, Zachary (ds), 3 paramedics and a community midwife who arrived just in time to catch the baby!

Contractions started at 2.30, breathed through them until 5.30 then woke up Jonathan to time them. 1min every 5min so called hospital at 6am who said come in. 6.25am called them back as just about to leave and didn’t think we’d make it. 999, 1st responder arrived at 6.30am, 2 paramedics shortly after and then the community midwife just as baby crowned. More breathing, 5 puffs of gas and air and baby was earth side.

40+4, no interventions or need for medical repairs and all blissfully happy 🙂 she’s also breastfeeding like a champ!

Seriously impressed with hypnobirthing – couldn’t have done this without you.

Melody x’


‘After the session on Sunday I felt on top of the world, like I knew that I just had to trust my body (easier said than done) and relax until all was ready. I listened to relaxations every night and whenever I had a quiet moment where I felt like it. I turned down the stretch and sweep offered by my midwife on the Tuesday and simply relaxed and enjoyed myself on Monday and Tuesday. I spoke to my little baby on the Tuesday afternoon and told her we were all ready for her, told her all about her family and who was waiting for her to arrive and I had reached the point where I was content to wait until she was ready.’

‘Chris and I wanted to say thank you for taking us on the journey toward a birth experience we can share with a smile.

We had our baby girl 6 days ago … an unplanned homebirth because I hadn’t realised how far I’d progressed because I was coping so well. So calm an experience it had been, that our baby girl was actually born with her waterbag still intact and a 10/10 APGAR rating! I got to cuddle her as soon as she was born and the umbilical cord pulsed for a good 20 minutes between us.

She is our second child, after our son was born by emergency c-section. It was my birth experience with him which made me try hypnobirthing, as I remained completely traumatized from the numerous interventions and ultimate surgery. I actually cried to learn I was pregnant again, solely thinking about the disappointment I felt last time and how scared I was that I couldn’t do any better.

The number of medical visits I had during this pregnancy exacerbated my guilt, weakness, and all those negative residual feelings and fears I carried. It also didn’t help much that due to already having a toddler, and opposite work schedules, it was difficult for my husband and I to find time to do the relaxations together.

But we persevered with 1am relaxations together and lots and lots of replaying ‘statements for an empowering birth’. In spite of all those hang-ups I felt burdened with after the experience with my son, amazingly I remained sooo confident during our daughter’s birth. I took a nice hour long nap during labour, and carried on with my day even managing to play football with my son less than 3 hours before his sister was born!

I had this amazing confidence I never expected to have… and then.. I did it!!: a drug free VBAC!

I gave my baby what I know to be the best start possible in life.

Thank you for helping me have my healing birth.’

‘Four weeks ago, I gave birth to my wonderful baby girl. She took her time to arrive as I was already 41+6 weeks pregnant. We started talking with the birth centre in St. Mary’s about an induction and your advice to question any invasive procedures was very useful. I did not want to have an induction as this meant that I could not give birth in the birth centre and that labour would likely be longer and harder. I was willing to have a conversation with the labour ward though to have clarity about the pros and cons. It is very hard to get any transparency and the words: “If you decide against an induction you would go against our recommendation” is still sounding in my ears as it scared me a little. Thankfully our baby saved us from this tough decision and arrived a day before we had scheduled the talk about induction. To be honest with you, labour was not pain-free, but in hindsight I really think that the hypnobirthing techniques helped me a lot. My husband and me were practicing the relaxation techniques, but I think we could have practiced a little bit more – especially the breathing as I felt that during labour the right breathing helped me a lot, however, it was really hard to maintain. I started off having surges at 5 o’clock in the morning. I finally decided to wake up Rodolfo at six. We phoned the birth centre to inform them, but obviously it was a little early to come in. I had a bath and tried to relax as much as I could. At 11:30 we finally went into the hospital. At this point I was still not convinced that I was ready, but it turned out that I was already 7cm dilated! I entered the birth pool, which was a great relief! I had a really big urge to push, but the midwife advised that baby was not ready yet. It was very hard not to push! I am wondering what would have happened if I had not held back. Clearly your instinct is telling you something! My water broke after a few hours and it turned out that it was full with Meconium. Out of this reason I was quickly transferred to the labour ward. After what felt like four or so surges, Anna Isabel was born! She is thriving and a really happy baby (obviously with the occasional tantrums), and we feel very blessed! I would like to thank you for your guidance and for teaching us the hypnobirthing techniques. As I said, labour was not pain free (and actually at the time I thought the techniques were not working), but I believe the techniques contributed to labour only lasting 9 hours from start to finish. Also, the midwives told me how impressed they were with my pain threshold! How could I otherwise have stayed at home until I was 7cm dilated? But most of all, I think you took away my fears before birth. Whilst I know that some friends from our NCT group were almost in panic of what was going to await them, I always knew that I was going to be fine!’

‘Hi, my name is Carol and I am a mum of two a 4year old girl called Lily and a brand new 5 week old son called Samuel. When I found out I was expecting my son I was quite frankly terrified of giving birth after a bad hospital experience with my first.

A friend in work told me about Katherine Graves hypnobirthing and after looking on the web I invested in the books and cds. After studying the techniques and practising daily I decided to homebirth my son with hypobirthing and my lovely One To One midwife who supported me fully. I totally immersed myself in the self hypnosis and when the time came for Samuel’s journey into the world I was calm and confident and a completely different woman.

I had a magical homebirth, for the first 3 hours I lay on the couch in peace just breathing through the surges..my partner said I looked like I was asleep! Then I got into the pool and breathed my son into the world with no trauma. My midwife said she didn’t even believe me at first when I said he was coming until she checked me and there was his head!! I want to thank you for helping me give birth to my son in such a wonderful way and I would like to help others to achieve the experience I had so am going to re-train as a hypobirth teacher.’