Birth doula

As a birth doula I provide support to you in pregnancy and birth. I also support any birth partners you have.

Your birth is an individual, and life affirming, event and it deserves specific focus to what you need in the run up and on the day.

Doulaing is different every time and what I provide will be bespoke to you. You may need support at antenatal appointments, I can do that. You may need to debrief a previous birth, I can do that with you. You might need practical support to find a pool or work out your birth plan – I can help you find what you need. You might need an evidenced based, practical birth preparation course based on physiology and science, helping you to approach your birth positively, calmly and happy – I can provide you that too.

I can provide you emotional, practical and informational support through your pregnancy and birth. Easing your journey to parenthood for the first or subsequent time.

No matter your plans, how pregnant you are or where you think you might birth, a doula can help you to remain calm, have confidence in your body and your care providers. Please message or call me on 07702160914 to talk through how I can support you.