COVID-19 birth support

I can help you to feel safer, calmer, more aware of your rights and options during this uncertain time. I can help you be able to look forward to birthing your baby, especially right now.  Every person needs help and support in the run up to, during and after birth. It should be no different now.

I have a few different options for you.  All my appointments are being run virtually to make sure you stay as safe as possible.

The only in person, physically being there with you support I am providing is being reserved for my birth doula clients.


I have slots which you can book with me to talk about anything at all. Some of the topics we might cover are:

  • Birth place – where can I birth? What are my options and what does that mean?
  • Belly birth – cesarean birth – what its like and what are my choices?
  • Birth plans / preferences – talking through yours or helping you pull one together
  • How to relax in pregnancy and when birthing – some tools for you to practice
  • Top birth partner tips
  • Worries or fear – talking these through and helping you find some answers
  • Previous birth trauma – how to overcome
  • Pregnancy and baby loss
  • Rainbow babies and birthing after loss

OR any other topic you want to pick my brains about! I am up to date with current info on corona virus and how it affects our local trusts – Bedford, Lister and The Rosie (and L&D). And if I don’t know the answer I can point you in the right direction or do a bit of digging and find it for you!

Slots are on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3pm. They are only £25 per slot. Message me on 07702160914 to book a slot.

Virtual antenatal classes (online hypnobirthing, birth education, active birth and birth partner info).  My full antenatal, hypnobirthing and active birth courses are running on Zoom – an online platform.  I am running GROUP courses but space are limited to only five. So you and your birth partner is one space. You don’t have to be from Biggleswade or Letchworth or Hitchin, you can join from anywhere. Please message me or call 07702160914 for more details.

I am also still running private 1:1 classes via Zoom (online), these are a date and time to suit you.

I am also doulaing. So you can hire me as a birth doula or antenatal doula. I am providing remote support via phone, messenger, email, WhatsApp…video calling…whatever medium you prefer.  I am running all my appointments virtually and I am saving all my face to face time for my clients when they give birth. So I can still come out to you when you birth if you choose.  Please message me on 07702160914 or call me for more information about the support you need.