What’s in the course?

Our complete birth preparation programme teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know in order to prepare for a positive birth experience.

  • Your options, choices and rights and how to get the most out of your maternity care
  • How to create the perfect birth environment & what to pack in your birth bag
  • How to create a birth plan and how to stay in control even when things are not going to plan
  • Hypnobirthing techniques to help you eliminate fear and anxiety and approach your birth feeling calm and confident
  • Information on inductions & caesarean birth including gentle caesareans
  • Breathing, visualisations & deep relaxation techniques to help you stay comfortable and fully in control during your birth
  • How to use movement and positioning to help your baby move through the pelvis more easily, including specific techniques to turn a back-to-back baby
  • Massage & pressure points for labour
  • How to be an awesome birth partner