What’s in the course?

Your Baby Your Birth is a hypnobirthing course.

During the course you will receive a workbook, a copy of Your Baby Your Birth by The Yes Mum Hollie De Cruz and a set of MP3s.

Throughout your pregnancy you will receive support from me with top up sessions available to book in addition, should you need them.

I teach this course because it is up to date, covers all different birth scenarios, from theatre to home and gives you all the tools you need to be confident in any situation.

Whats in the course?

  • The physiology of birth – how your body works and how to make best use of it
  • The psychology of birth and how the mind and body work together
  • Tools and techniques for a positive and confident birth
  • How to support as a birth partner
  • Understanding birth, maternity services and your choices
  • Birth planning – how why and why!
  • Tools for comfort and relaxation in labour and beyond