Hypnobirthing in Hitchin, Letchworth and Biggleswade

My hypnobirthing course is part of BirthSense, we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field. Our hypnobirthing courses are the longest running in the region and continue to grow in popularity. We believe that our success is rooted in two things that make us stand out…

Firstly, only birth professionals are permitted to teach these courses. This means that you can always be sure that your teacher is someone who actively attends births and has first-hand experience of the hypnobirthing techniques and active birth methods that we teach.

Secondly, we take a holistic approach to antenatal education. We recognise that birth is a psychological, neurological and physiological event and understand how both mind and body can work together to help you have a more straightforward birth. Hypnobirthing classes are fantastic tool that can help you to let go of unnecessary fear and anxiety and teach you how to relax deeply, but a first-class antenatal course should do more than that. That’s why we want to arm you with ALL the information and skills you need to ensure that you are totally prepared for a positive birth experience.  So, when you sign up for one of our courses you can be confident that our complete, one-stop birth preparation course offers you the very best in antenatal education.

You can read more about the content of the course here.

Pre Covid I ran hypnobirthing courses at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, right near Hitchin and Letchworth stations. And in Biggleswade at The Orchard Centre. At the moment neither of these group courses are running face to face due to restrictions on numbers / venue process and availability.  I hope to have these back up and running in 2021. I am running group courses on Zoom on request. Please do enquire as there may be others who want to join you on a group course that we can then arrange. And if not I can signpost you to the best online courses around that I recommend to my doula clients.

I am also currently running private hypnobirthing sessions for just you and your birth partner or you can pair up and book with a friend or an NCT group at a time to suit you.

Top up or refresher courses are available on request.

The other option is a completely bespoke birth education tailored to your needs.

Maybe you have had a previous traumatic birth?

Or you want a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

Or you have anxiety

Or tokophobia (fear of childbirth)

Perhaps you’re planning your first birth

Or have previously lost a baby.

Whatever your situation I can help you be calmer, more confident and even look forward to the journey ahead.

I set aside time each week to discuss your needs and birth planning or any topic you would like to focus on. The slots are one hour and are £25. Slots are available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm. You will receive a follow up email with lots of info for you to consider and research or read. Maybe some activities to consider and some links and resources relevant to you. Please message 07702160914 to secure a slot.  If these times do not suit please reach out and we’ll find a time that works.