Closing the bones postnatal massage

Do you want a little bit of relaxation, a bit of time and space just to breathe? 

I offer a wonderfully relaxing massage called Closing the Bones. It focuses around your pelvis, comes from Ecuadorian origin and is traditionally given to a woman through different stages of her life, including after she’s had a baby. 

But it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a baby last week, last month or in the previous decade. Or in fact at all! Closing the bones is just a lovely way to relax and enjoy being pampered. A bit like treating yourself to a hot stone massage or a pedicure.

It can be a great postpartum gift too if you’re looking for that special something. 

Massages are £65 and take place in your home. I cover Bedfordshire, North Herts, Cambs and across to Milton Keynes. Please email to book.

Gift vouchers available.