About me

Sometimes I think it’s nice to know a little about where someone has come from and what’s landed them there.  I found hypnobirthing on social media.  On the due date of my second son, Sammy, back in 2013, I was not in a good place.  A wonderful twitter friend referred me to an equally wonderful hypnobirthing teacher who saw my anguish and dropped everything, her four children and her bank holiday weekend, to drive 70 miles to teach and guide me.  At the time I couldn’t believe my luck that someone would be so selfless during what was important family time, and to a complete stranger.  I can honestly say that gift of time she gave me, to teach me, changed my life.  The techniques I learned, the confidence I was given, meant I had Sammy in a calm, peaceful and confident environment.  In a hospital, with an epidural and being monitored.  Hypnobirthing isn’t about judgement for specific choices.  It’s about being calm, positive and confident in the choices you make.  Whatever those choices are.

Since then I’ve had another baby, trained as a doula, learned a very special postnatal massage – Closing the Bones, and been lucky enough to now call this my full time job. I’ve helped lots of wonderful people welcome their equally wonderful bundles. What an absolutely amazing job I have!

So hypnobirthing healed me, gave me my magical son in a magical way and it set a fire in my belly.  Now I know why a complete stranger gave up so much of her time and put so much effort in to helping and supporting me.  And now I’m doing that too.