You’ve arrived! Thanks for visiting the confident birth company.

So, what are we about here at the confident birth company?

Support. Information. Positive births. Pretty simple…

It’s about women having positive, empowering and calm births. Home or in a theatre. Silent or loud. Supporting you through what ever choices you make.  It’s about helping you understanding how to make sure you look back on your birth knowing you were supported and knew how to make the right decisions.

The company was founded and is run by Jessica Slender DipHB(KG), Doula, hypnobirthing mum, hypnobirthing practitioner, birth coach, positive birth movement leader  and a member of the Hynobirthing Association.

In a nutshell the confident birth company will help you to dispel any myths and worries you have about birth, help you approach your birth and manage it in a positive, confident and calm way.  The confident birth company provides you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to give you confidence to have a positive birth experience through a range of techniques which you can pick and chose to suit you.

The confident birth company provides support right up to, during and after your birth. There’s no right or wrong answer to how you have your baby, there is absolutely no judgement in choices, just help to see how to manage your birth logically and positively, accessing the information you need to make the decisions right for you and your baby.

Please spend a little time to read a bit more about hypnobirthing, doula services, postnatal massage and the courses on offer.  If you have any questions please contact me.